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In short, Vegas odds is an all-encompassing term used to describe the Vegas betting lines system used in US sportsbooks today. This unique system enables gamblers to quickly read all the stats needed to make a bet on the moneyline, point spread, or other wagers in a match. While Vegas odds are common in modern sportsbooks, the origins of Vegas odds go much deeper. The Records are updated Live on the MLB Standings after each game finishes. The GB column is an abbreviation for Games Back and it shows how far teams are behind the leader of the division or put simply, first sites place. There are six divisions in the MLB, divided into three from both the Eastern and National Leagues. - The Atlanta Braves went under their pre-season win total last year (89.5), finishing with 88 wins. However, they got a nice consolation prize with the World Series trophy. Losing Freddie Freeman is tough but signing Matt Olsen will keep this team on track to defend their title.xA0;