bitcoin transaction fee for $100 dollars

TRON's consensus algorithm is called Delegated Proof-of-Stake, where the delegates are chosen by means of a voting system. The delegates receive a reward for their work in the form of TRX. For a more secure way to store your Tron, transfer it to a hard wallet. These are not connected to the internet, so they cannot be hacked as easily. But there is a drawback. If you forget or lose the key to your hardware wallet, you won't be able to access what's on the device. Buy Tron Before making any investment decision, you should know the project's background, team, vision and prospects, followed by your take a look here financial objectives. That said, you should also consider the risk-return tradeoff for your potential investment. If you want to buy TRON, please be aware that you'll need to pay capital gains tax on any profits you earn.