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First things first: Puffy eyes are normal. Dr. Rabach explains that people can have a genetic predisposition to puffy eyes as a result of fat piercing through the muscle.nbspSo, if yoursquove inherited under-eye bags from your family, donrsquot expect your puffiness to disappear overnight. But (and this is a biggie) sometimes puffy eyes are the result of easy-to-change lifestyle habits. ldquoEating salt can cause water retention and seasonal allergies, or allergies to eyes creams, can cause swelling and fluid build up around the eye,rdquo explains Dr. Rabach.nbspAnother possibility? You're not getting as much shut eye as you should. "Poor sleep also contributes to puffy eyes," adds Dr. Lal.nbsp If you’re a fan of the brand’s brightening eye cream that handles dark circles with a bright-yellow tint, you’ll love the newer color corrector. Available vegan makeup monthly box in three shades, the vitamin-C formula is a lightweight hydrating concealer that helps cancel out the under-eye darkness while keeping the area moisturized.