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Before we can start on construction, we need to remove the old bathroom. This involves removing all the structural aspects such as the frame and existing additions such as your bathtub and sink. After all elements of the old bathroom have been removed, you should clean the exposed surfaces to allow for new flooring and structure to be inserted much more easily.; Reference ID: e99a800a-e983-11ed-a867-4f4e446d6255 Paint can make miracles happen. Love the cost breakdown! Seriously in school in my interior design classes they ALWAYS said bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive, 30-50k. And I always wondered how true it was and what a bathroom and kitchen looked like on that budget8230;would it be over the top or perfect or not quite what you wanted8230; LOVE your bathroom and I think it was worth every penny and I’m not even living in it ???? good job! And yay for giving us an idea on the cost for hiring it out, always seems so scary what that will cost ???? but really nice to see its a lot but then you can see why, anyway all stuff you know, but so thankful you shared it with us!

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