good hook in an essay

As described in the article, a school in Spain has withdrawn from its library 200 classic children’s books including Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, after analyzing them and concluding that they were “toxic” in how they depicted sexist stereotypes. For example, in Sleeping Beauty the man who kisses a sleeping woman without her consent is presented as a hero. No wonder some parents have made the choice to not expose their children to tales like that (Cole, 2019). To give you a brief summary of the fundamental information about the assessment, the essay accounts for 2/3 (67%) of the final grade of TOK and it8217;s an external assessment which means IB examiners will mark your essay. Analysis 8211; this part is the most important part of the whole body 8211; it shows that you can critically examine and evaluate the claims and examples. It uses analytical language and TOK concepts. In the analysis you need to address the underlying assumptions (maybe they are oversimplified?), methodology limitations, objectivity and reliability, applicability, omissions or exceptions, etc. You may also want to use 6 types of Socratic writing practice opinion paragraph questions to further your analysis: