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Be careful double or splitting if the dealer has a ten or ace showing. At most live dealer brands, you will lose everything if the dealer gets a blackjack. Under this "no peek" rule, the only time you should put more money out on the table against a potential dealer blackjack is to split two aces against a dealer Recommended website 10. Blackjack is such a fun game, and we've decided to heat it up with a fun Winter theme! Pit yourself against the dealer in an instant play casino game where you don't have to pay to play or sign up just to get dealt in! Play instantaneously with Winter Blackjack! Additionally, you may also match flower tiles with other flower tiles, and season tiles with other season tiles--even if they don't have identical faces: One of the biggest factors in whether or not blackjack is rigged is the way that the cards are dealt. If the cards are dealt randomly, then the game is fair and there is no way for the house to rig it.