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The verdict: Hands down, one of the most pigmented, precise liquid eyeliners out there. I love long lasting primer for oily skin how long and thin the felt tip is and how close you can get the ink into your lash line. This is the one eyeliner you need if you want to create a cat eye that8217;s on fleek. Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum 30 ml The Best Skin-Care Products, According to Vogue Editors Our Life Liner Quick 8216;N Easy Precision Eyeline, $19, £16, €19, 83 AED, will be available to shop online on on the 8th of August and in-stores on August 17th. Sign up to the waitlist here to be the first to shop. I can8217;t wait for you guys to try it! Skin care 8212; October 8, 2021 Liquid liners are the one you need to add some dramas to your eyes. They’re convenient, intense and highly pigmented, plus they come in a huge range of colours too! But, we will let you one thing, they’re tricky to use. Liquid liners need a steady hand and some dry really quickly, meaning you have no room for mistakes. Some take longer to dry, but if you accidentally blink you’ll end up with eyeliner in the middle of the lid.Pro Tip: If you pick liquid eyeliner, always look at the brush. It should be firm enough so it doesn’t wriggle when you press against your lid. To prevent smudging, set liquid liner with black eyeshadow and a small makeup brush. This not just prevents smudging but also intensifies the colour.