what is best cryptocurrency

Buy, sell swap more than 100 cryptocurrencies In 2018 Justin Sun purchased BitTorrent and incorporated elements of the Tron blockchain into the popular uTorrent application, helping bolster the blockchain's success. Tron also hosts several hundred decentralised applications with a strong focus on gaming and entertainment. Money sent is converted into XRP token at one end on the Ripple network and then back into the currency of choice at the other end. Management of Ripple claims that XRP offers a reliable and faster alternative to other coins like bitcoin. Get your first Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and many other cryptocurrencies. The Crypto.com platform had proven to be so successful that in 2019, they launched their own cryptocurrency exchange to entice more users to the platform. Crypto swaps, buying, and selling can take place on the platform, the exchange platform is geared more towards active crypto traders. The Crypto.com platform and Crypto.com Exchange are separate platforms and apps, which I will touch useful tips on a bit more later.