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How to buy Ethereum? Receive, store, send, buy, sell and use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies easily, quickly and safely. Get your debit card! Kraken starts by having a low cost of entry. You do not need to have crypto to get it—you can pay into the app by putting £7.50 into your app’s account, which you then use to buy publicly traded crypto exchanges up to 65 different currencies. The increased popularity of Bitcoin has seen a huge range of brokers in the UK now offering Bitcoin to UK customers. With such a wide variety it is important that you define what you want from a cryptocurrency broker and then use this criterion to determine which is the best choice to buy Bitcoin in the UK for you. Supported Countries If you search online for ‘free bitcoin’, you will be able to find out more about shopping online to earn bitcoin, crypto mining to earn bitcoin and answering surveys to get free bitcoin.